About Jackabella

Jackabella performing at Old Petrie Town Markets

“What is important to me is to bring joy and wonder to children’s hearts!”

Jackabella had a very happy childhood, with parents who respected children as real people in little bodies. She was taught to love others, to see the “why” behind the “what” and that “hurt people” hurt people. She has a good understanding of the human mind and it’s functions, the personality traits and the affects of environment and upbringing on a person’s heart. She feels singing and entertaining children is her opportunity of giving back.

Her passion is to effect little people at an early age, to become whole, happy, functioning members of society. To become brave, joyful and fearless, people with a love and appreciation of others as well as care and concern for the world in which they live.

Kindergartens, Pre-Schools and Schools

Jackabella’s performances are geared to children from ages 4 to 8.  Jackabella shares songs and stories from her own experiences growing up, as well as from her own vivid imagination. Through stories such as “Happy and Grumpy” (encouraging children to choose to be happy) and “Its OK” which shows children the bigger picture when things go wrong, Jackabella takes the audience on a very enjoyable journey of wit and wisdom. Her sense of fun, warmth and respect for the children quickly sets them at ease, and her genuine love for children shines through.

Program Length: 30-40 minutes

Jackabella is available for Incursions at Kindergartens  and Schools in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas. If you would like her to visit your school, contact her through this webpage, and she will be swift to get back to you.

Jackabella holds a current Queensland Government Blue Card – creating safer service environments for children and young people in Queensland.