lantanawalking track

This Easter my family decided to go camping at the Sunshine Coast.  Each one of us had to choose an activity we could do over the weekend.

My choice was to go to the Markets on the Saturday morning.  There were people EVERYWHERE!  It got so busy, that we high-tailed it out of there after only a couple of hours – I didn’t even buy a thing!  🙁

The next day, my Dad chose to go on a bush walk.  So we drove on a long winding path to a mozzie ridden grassland which had lots of tall trees.  After half an hour of walking on the track we came to a fork in the road, but we were worried we might not find our way home.  We had an idea of finding some sticks to make an arrow on the path to remind us which track was the way home.

Check out my photos of my walking adventure!

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