This is a brand new song written especially for all of my little dancing friends!

My name is Molly, I am a Dancing Dolly
Would you come out and dance with me under the colourful rainbow,

Left Foot, Right Foot, Beautiful Ballerina
Left Foot, Right Foot, Under the colourful rainbow

When it is raining, we will continue dancing
So lift your hands and stomp your feet under the colourful rainbow

Left Foot, Right Foot, Beautiful Ballerina
Left Foot, Right Foot, Under the colourful rainbow

When the moon is beaming, and all of the people are sleeping
Dance as your dreaming under the colourful rainbow

Left Foot, Right Foot, Beautiful Ballerina
Left Foot, Right Foot, Under the colourful rainbow
..Lets all bow together

This is a song from Jackabella’s album, “Looking In, Looking Out.”
Pick Happy as YOUR friend everyday too! 🙂

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Jackabella performing ‘Attitude of Gratitude’, a fun song off her new album ‘Looking In, Looking Out’, at Old Petrie Town in April.

A few mishaps during the performance make this song even more hilarious. Take a look! Can you spot what went wrong?

melbourne leavesmelbourne kindy

I’ve just got back from a wonderful week in Melbourne to play some music and see family, and I’ve got to say that autumn is at it’s most beautiful in Melbourne.

The big brown and orange leaves on the trees throughout the streets were so pretty!

My niece and I had a great time raking up leaves into little mountains just to run through them and cover ourselves in those crunchy pieces of fun!

I also had the opportunity to play at Pinemont Kindergarten where the kids were so wonderfully creative that they wrote TWO extra verses to my song ‘It’s OK’ and reminded me that after every scary storm there is a beautiful rainbow. So much fun!

Jackabella performing at Old Petrie Town Markets

My CD, ‘Looking In, Looking Out‘ is hereby officially launched! Yay!

To mark the occasion, I decided to celebrate with a free performance for children down at the Old Petrie Town Markets on Sunday.  The sun was in the sky and it was a beautiful day!

There were lions and moustaches and buckets & spades, but most importantly there were a bunch of little people ready to dance and sing and enjoy the wonderful day with me.

Thank you to all who came! I had an absolute blast!

Jackabella Looking In Looking Out CD

My new album Looking In, Looking Out – Jackabella launched today!

It’s full of great songs to inspire young minds, with catchy tunes, sound effects to engage imagination, and life lessons wrapped up in fun!

Preview the tracks below then pick up a copy of my CD!

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Hi Guys! Here is a new video for ‘Fast Song’. This song is featured on my new album ‘Looking In, Looking Out

It’s VERY fast! Don’t blink while you’re watching it! Let me know what you think!

I had a lot of fun making this video clip for my song ‘Lagoon’.  Take a look and see what you think!


lantanawalking track

This Easter my family decided to go camping at the Sunshine Coast.  Each one of us had to choose an activity we could do over the weekend.

My choice was to go to the Markets on the Saturday morning.  There were people EVERYWHERE!  It got so busy, that we high-tailed it out of there after only a couple of hours – I didn’t even buy a thing!  🙁

The next day, my Dad chose to go on a bush walk.  So we drove on a long winding path to a mozzie ridden grassland which had lots of tall trees.  After half an hour of walking on the track we came to a fork in the road, but we were worried we might not find our way home.  We had an idea of finding some sticks to make an arrow on the path to remind us which track was the way home.

Check out my photos of my walking adventure!

Here is a sample track “The Storm” from Jackabella’s new album Looking In, Looking Out. Buy the CD Today!