Jackabella Reviews

Here’s What People are Saying about Jackabella…

“Jackabella, you are amazing. Love your enthusiasm and creativity. You are a natural in engaging kids with song. Loved every moment of your performance but also really enjoyed the lyrics of your songs. Gonna bring my Trin up knowing she can tell the flu to fly away :)”

Carina – Morayfield, QLD

“God bless your CD Jackabella! Every time my 6 month old son starts fussing in the car, I just put on your CD and he quietens instantly. So thank you!”

Chontelle – Margate, QLD

“My two girls love love love your CD. Both particularly love your rapping. Whatever song we listen to they have picked up the words already and will continue to sing them when the disc isn’t played. They ask to listen to it in the car when they are normally ask for the TV. I personally think the songs have great thought and content. They love ‘Happy and Grumpy’ and I too think this is a good song for them to listen to in the morning!”

Kathy – Stafford, QLD

“Just want to say your album is amazing! It looks and sounds great plus my kids were singing along the first time they listened to it (super catchy and easy to learn is awesome), laughing and changing which one was their favourite all the time cause really, they loved them all 🙂 Am so buying copies for my nieces and nephews for Christmas!”

Louisa – Narangba, QLD

“Thanks Jackabella for entertaining my 18 month old! She dances around the house to your songs and we do actions together. So much fun! She especially likes ‘Running’.”

Amanda – Balwyn, VIC

“Jackabella was relevant, professional and so much fun! She is an entertaining performer and is wonderful with children.”

Sarah De Remer – Director of Pinemont Pre-School